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Creditor Support

Horsfields have many years of experience in the creditor services arena in particular in supporting Debt Recovery Managers in local government and utility suppliers sectors and credit institutions. We provide:
  • Advice on debt recovery techniques

  • Representation at insolvency meetings

  • Technical advice and training

  • Advice to creditors and directors on implications of a particular insolvency process or in respect of the purchase of a business out of insolvency

Debt Advisory

The UK debt markets are constantly changing making it increasingly challenging to make the right strategic decisions for business growth. It pays to invest time to obtain advice and support to ensure you review your funding requirements in line with your business goals. Horsfields can provide debt advisory support. Contact us now to discuss your individual needs.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes can lead to financial difficulties which can affect the viability of the business going forward and in extreme cases can lead to insolvency and liquidation. From the director/shareholder perspective the costs of litigation can be significant, strain relations and diminish the possibility of settlement between the parties.
We have experience in dealing with shareholder and management disputes.

We advise on the option(s) available in such circumstances and may act as an Independent arbiter to establish whether a negotiated settlement is appropriate and a realistic exit strategy for those concerned. In certain circumstances we may recommend engaging a qualified Mediator. A Mediator can be engaged before or after litigation is commenced.

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If you are experiencing debt problems and would like some assistance, please contact us to book a free confidential consultation

If you are experiencing debt problems and wondering how to clear some of the debts you have incurred, please contact our friendly team for advice.

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The Creditors’ Guides to Fees provide explanations of creditors’ rights with regard to insolvency practitioners’ fees:

Insolvency Practitioners M G Mistry and H Mistry are authorised and regulated by the Insolvency Practitioners Association, and where appointed as Administrators of a company act only as agents of the company and without personal liability. Horsfields Ltd have in place appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance